Earning and Using RP Tokens

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Earning and Using RP Tokens

Post by Shatterbrain on Sun Sep 27, 2009 8:24 pm

As will eventually be posted in this thread, you can spend your RP tokens on several different things, but their main purpose is to breach the level 29 cap. Here is a short, unexhaustive list of things RP tokens can be given out for:
  • Integrating your character's background with the setting (2-4 tokens)
  • Posting your character's background or profile (1-3 tokens)
  • Completing the In-Depth Character Analysis Challenge (1-3 tokens) or the one Freygon posted in the same thread (1-3 tokens)
  • Participation in a MAJOR story event
  • RP event that has a significant impact on your character
  • Recapping game events in the forums

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