Uh-Oh: The Rules.

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Uh-Oh: The Rules.

Post by Shatterbrain on Sat Oct 31, 2009 2:22 am

With playing on our server we ask that you follow a few rules. These simple rules are here to make it known exactly what we don’t want to see, and reading and following these will result in a fun, frictionless experience for you and everyone else here – as well as free punch and pie!


1. Exploitation. Exploits of scripts and NwN's bugs will not be tolerated. If you're wondering whether your advantage is an exploit, it probably is. Please help Dystopia’s development by PMing bug reports, especially exploitable bugs, to Admin Shatterbrain on the forums!

2. Muling. No transfer of any items or gold between your characters.

3. Powerleveling. Gaining a massive amount of levels with no in-character justification of the experience earned. Leveling is fine, and grinding is fine, but the line is crossed when your character has made tons of progress with no roleplay to back it up.


1. Mature RP. We are not responsible for children exposed to mature text or situations in-game. By participating in any kind of mature RP you agree that you are over the age of 18, or you immediately excuse yourself to a different area. Sexual RP is allowed, but must be OOCly consensual and take place in a private area.

2. Permadeath. (Important Preface: PERMADEATH IS NOT MECHANICALLY ENFORCED! "Death" in normal NwN terms means Downed, Respawn means you somehow survived [you decide how], and Resurrect means you were saved at the very brink of death) While death in Euphaia is almost always permanent (Raise Dead, Resurrection and the like simply don't exist), you may not permakill another player without that player's consent. DM's may not permakill players without the Admin's consent. If not given consent to permakill after a CvC incident, we ask that you play along with the loser and help him RP his survival. We also ask that the loser agree to terms set by the winner within reason - for example, if he downed you in order to recover a magic gem from your character, we ask that you give that gem up. If you were downed out of self-defense, with the intent of ending a Character Versus Character (CvC) conflict once and for all, we ask that you agree to come up with a suitable in-character reason to end that CvC conflict.

3. Metagaming, Cheesing, Godgaming, etc. Your character does not have a special power unless approved of by a DM. Your character does not know critical information he didn't learn IC unless it is appropriate for your character (Slumrat knowing his way through the sewers well and having a good idea of the enchantments on the Peace Guard's breastplate) or approved of by a DM ("My character is smart and attended University - it's okay if he knows the real history behind the Orcs, right?"). If a player is sitting around in a public area, it’s perfectly fine to “accidentally” stumble upon them for the sake of initiating RP.

4. Continuity. Character backstories and in-character events, including DM events, need to make sense within our homebrew setting. If in doubt, just ask Prine or the Admin. Contradictory events may be altered, or in rare cases, reversed, for the sake of continuity.

5. Etiquette. These are manners, not strict requirements.
a] Sportsmanship. Please don't take offense having a character be defeated or fail a task! Take a breather. Remember that it's just a game, and your character's failure is not your failure. If you feel a player or DM was motivated OOC to pit his character or plot against your character, please talk to the Admin about it, or maturely discuss it with the offending party. Conversely, don't provoke hard feelings, and let a potentially hurt player know that it's nothing personal after being defeated.
b] Walking vs. Running. Please walk everywhere you go if PC's are nearby or if a DM might be following you. It's really frustrating to set up an event for a wandering player just to have them run past it! Besides, can your knight really run everywhere in full plate?
c] Spelling & Grammar. Please type and spell to the best of your ability. Poor spelling, capitalization, or punctuation can distract other players or take them out of the experience.


1. Provocation of Drama. This includes:
a] Harassment. Insults, shit-talking of any form. Friendly insults and joking around are just fine, of course, as long as they don't take offense. If you take offense to a well-intended joke or insult, please calmly and maturely make it known to the offending party, or talk to the Admin about it.
b] Mean-spiritedness. Doing or saying something in or out of game with the intent of hurting another player's feelings.
c] Trolling. Doing or saying something extreme with the intent of eliciting a harsh response while putting on an innocent facade.
d] ANY provacation of drama! Conflicts always emerge where there are people, but do your best to avoid them! Sometimes people will take offense to things you feel shouldn't offend them. Please respect that. Cases of conflict and drama will be handled on a point to point basis - but please, be mature.

2. The Forums (http://dystopia.forumotion.net/)
a] Please don't spam to up your post count.
b] Swearing is fine, but aside from that, please keep it clean.

3. Dungeon Masters, Builders, and Contributors. These folks work hard to bring the world to life for the players, so pay in kind by being respectful toward them and doing as they ask. They should be respectful toward you as well! Any issue with a staff member should be brought up with the Admin.

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