Welcome to Dystopia: Now Get Started!

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Welcome to Dystopia: Now Get Started!

Post by Shatterbrain on Mon Jan 12, 2009 7:56 pm

Seems you've stumbled upon the forums of Dystopia, a Neverwinter Nights server of innovation, interaction and allegory. It only takes a few minutes to jump into Dystopia and make an impact with your character. You'll be ready to roll in five simple steps!

  1. Grab CEP 2.3 from the NWVault. CEP_23_Full.7z Open it with an archiving utility like 7zip and extract it straight into your \NwN folder.

  2. Update CEP by downloading CEP_UPDATER.zip, extracting its content into your NWN folder, and running the CEP_update shortcut. This will give you the latest content and prevent crashes.

  3. Read the Dystopia Overview (ADHD Friendly!) for a quick blow-by-blow overview of the setting. No "otherworldly" characters, please.

  4. Understand the 3 golden rules of Dystopia! Roleplay, Behave, and Tolerate. Roleplay as much as possible-- OOC talk is perfectly fine, but try to confine it to the AFK Room. Behave as would be expected in a roleplaying server-- No muling, trolling, grieving, exploiting, etc. Finally, tolerate your peers-- If someone harasses you OOC, don't start a dramacoaster over it! If someone harasses you IC, deal with it IC!

  5. Go in-game! Listen to what the Tome of Welcoming has to say and enter the world. If you've already been through the Tome of Welcoming and chose to skip through his dialogue(1111111111...), you can go back and review any page.


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