How Roleplay Rewards You.

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How Roleplay Rewards You.

Post by Shatterbrain on Sat Jan 31, 2009 4:46 pm

I know how irritating it is to join a server and roleplay like crazy, only to watch the powergamer soar ahead of you in levels and equipment as he grinds down the same monsters again and again. With this common problem in mind I've designed two different rewards for your dedication to dramatic roleplay and characterization.

a) Automatic Roleplaying Experience.
Every 10 minutes you are given a hefty reward for roleplaying that scales to level. No DM needs to be present, but you can't AFK or RP alone to earn the bonus.

b) RP Tokens.
Most are familiar with this system. If a DM sees you roleplaying something particularly interesting or (if no DM was present) you recap the event on the forums, you may earn an RP Token. RP Tokens may also be awarded for participation in DM events or writing / adding to your character's biography. RP Tokens may be used to earn access to rare prestige classes, races, IC perks and OOC perks. A Token Shop thread will be added soon with a list of things to spend your tokens on.


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