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  • Drow and other subraces must first be approved. They will usually be disallowed completely, but will sometimes be accepted at the cost of RP tokens.
  • Red Dragon Disciple is not allowed.
  • All other prestige classes require approval. This usually just requires a training event, joining a faction, or paying RP tokens. Level without consent and you'll be deleveled.
  • After level 29, you must pay RP tokens in order to level up. Talk to a DM to make the transaction before taking the level. Level without making the transaction and you'll be deleveled.
  • No Devastating Critical.

This is no exhaustive list: Just because your character doesn't violate anything on this list doesn't mean they're a good character, or even a legitimate one. Most, however, probably will be. If you want to do something far-out with your character, just ask me and I'll probably be cool with it.

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